About Mocha stock

Launched in April 2017, Mocha Stock helps brands tell authentic stories by providing editorial quality stock
imagery and media content that focuses on people of color and their place in the world. #representationmatters

About Our Founder:

Sequoia Houston, MBA

Sequoia Houston is a talented marketing and communications professional with more than a decade of experience across a myriad of industries. She has skillfully provided marketing solutions for large multinational firms, such as KPMG, Grant Thornton and Accenture as well as smaller organizations likeCelluphone,Wireless Neighborhood, The California HR Conference and her own marketing agency, Sur-Ryl Marketing.

Throughout her career, Houston has worked with organizations to develop Go-to Market strategy as well as digital, traditional and guerilla marketing campaigns. She specializes in tailoring messages to the target demographic, media relations, and building brand credibility. In fact, this is the very reason that Sequoia started Mocha Stock. While working with clients that had brands that catered to diverse audiences, she discovered that finding a variety of high quality stock images that depict people of color was extremely challenging. In a world as brilliantly diverse as the one we live in, she found this odd and wanted to do something to make it easier for brands to tell engaging and authentic stories.